Learning Chess

There is something for everyone when it comes to chess. For people who are just starting to learn, there is a whole world of history and fascination available for this ancient game. For those that take to chess and want to go farther, they find a game that can give benefits and enjoyment that will last a lifetime. Here are some of the types of courses, classes and clinics available at our school.

Tournament Training

There are two very good options for players of any age who want to do their best in tournament competition. First, simply book a coach for private one-on-one lessons. It's hard to top the benefits you can get from working with a high-level player who can give you an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, and then help you plan your best path for rapid improvement.

At Seattle Chess School, we have another option which is focused on scholastic players of any level. We call it the Tournament Success Course and it's comprised of a weekly lecture/workshop session, and one to four hours per week of "Drop-in Training" where the student can work on their skills over the board against coaches, strong opponents, or themselves via recommended studies and tactical puzzles.

The Tournament Success Course is a great option also, because it provides a lower-cost way that students can make rapid improvement compared to the expense of hiring a private coach. Many of our students also love making new friends who are close to their skill and motivation level and the challenges that come with that. The Tournament Success Course was designed and developed by an adult tournament player based on his own lifelong career as both a coach and a chess competitor himself.

Special classes for the Parents of Chess Players

We also occasionally offer free clinics for new chess parents who want to gain more understanding of chess and tournament competition, and to have their questions answered. You can find more information about upcoming free clinics in the booking section under events

Also stay tuned for a new class in 2016/2017 which will help parents who want to learn chess alongside of their students. We call this course "How to beat your kids at chess" and it will be coming soon! The inspiration for this course is all the chess Moms and chess Dads who have been drawn into chess by the love of their children. Our coaches, having experienced hours of great chess games with our own parents want to support this for you as well!

Weekly Class Schedule

We have a class schedule available to help you plan your week. More classes will be added throughout the year.

Weekly Class Schedule