Chess is the ideal online activity! It's both educational and highly entertaining.

Online Scholastic

Chess Club

Our online chess club is a great way to practice and improve you skill among a great community of Seattle Chess School players. Choose from one of three options giving you the abiltiy to customize your experience. Chess Club consists of a daily tournament on lichess followed by a game analysis lesson on discord.


Club Membership
$ 29 Monthly
  • Daily Tournaments
  • Weekly Simuls


Club Membership
$ 79 Monthly
  • Daily Tournaments
  • Weekly Simuls
  • Weekly Lesson


Club Membership
$ 139 Monthly
  • Daily Tournaments
  • Weekly Simuls
  • Unlimited Lessons


Online Learning

We use Discord video and voice conferencing as a virtual classroom, and for the amazing chess playing and teaching environment.

New students receive an orientation to help them get connected and start to master our platform.



Club Schedule

Monday - Friday

4 - 5pm


  • Held on
  • Available daily to all members

5 - 6pm


  • Held on Discord
  • Available once weekly to standard members
  • Available daily to unlimited members


Our daily tournaments are a fun way to practice and improve while being among friends and fellow students. Our tournaments are watched over by our coaches so we can give proper feedback and game analysis over our discord lessons.

On Thursdays we compete online against other scholastic chess clubs.


Simultaneous Exhibition: where a master coach plays multiple students simultaneously.  The more time you spend playing master chess players, the better you will become!


Our lessons on discord are focused around game analysis and discussion. This is where students have direct access to their coach where they can receive game analysis and feedback on their overall strength and weaknesses. 


Basic Membership

This membership grants you access to our daily tournaments and weekly simultaneous exhibitions with our master coaches. You will need to sign up for a lichess account if you don’t have one already and then request to join our team on lichess. This membership gives students a chance to be part of our fun and enthusiastic chess community as well as an opportunity to establish an online rating.

What you will need:

Lichess Account

Watch Coach Bill‘s Lesson

Play Video

Standard Membership

This is the most popular membership for students looking for engaging daily play with fellow students and weekly training. This membership grants you access to our daily tournaments on lichess, weekly simuls with our master coaches, as well as a once a week 1-hour lesson where we analyze games from the tournament and go over topical games of famous chess players.

What you will need:

Lichess Account

Discord Account


Unlimited Membership

For the ambitious chess enthusiast! This membership grants you access to our daily tournaments, weekly simuls, as well as unlimited access to our 1-hour lessons on discord Monday – Friday. Come as often as you’d like! Unlimited members will get more attention from their coach and more opportunity for personalized game analysis and training.

What you will need:

Lichess Account

Discord Account

Watch Coach Matt‘s Game Analysis

Students who play in our daily tournaments see their ratings improve rapidly.