Due to COVID-19, All Tournaments will be help on until further notice.

Lichess Tournaments

  • Scholastic
  • Adult

4pm-5pm - Arena - 10+2 - Int. and Advanced Only
4pm-5pm - Arena - 10+2 - Beginners Only

4pm-5pm - Arena - 10+2 - Open

4pm-5pm - Arena - 10+2 - Open

3pm-4:30pm - Blitz Team Battle - 5+0 - Open

3pm-4pm - Variant Arena - Time Control Varies - Open
4pm-5pm - Arena - 10+2 - Open

10am-11:30am (bi-monthly) - Classical Team Battle - 10+2 - K-8th Grade - Open

Coming Soon

How to Join Scholastic Tournaments

Must have an active Lichess account.

Sign up for a free lichess account here.

Must be a member of our Lichess Team.

We only accept students enrolled in our programs into our Lichess Team. Make sure you are logged into lichess – Go to our Team Page and click “Join Team” – In the request form, write your first and last name. 

Check the Tournament Description before joining.

Some of our tournaments have age or rating restrictions listed in the description box. Make sure the Tournament applies to you before you join.

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